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Published on January 12, 2014 by lakelyn0231

So, this story doesn't take long to explain. I met this man when I reported to my new work station about this time last year and immediately fell head over heels. At the time, I was seeing my high school sweetheart but it had been on the rocky road for months. I cleared my head and ignored what I was feeling for this new kid because I knew it was just because I wasn't happy where I was in life at that moment. Now, almost a year later I am no longer in the unhealthy relationship I was in and I am now living with the new guy I've been smitten with for so long. I haven't had my sights set on anyone in months, I have been trying to reel my roommate into my intimate side. We are very different in a lot of ways because we come from different backgrounds but we click really well. Our friends tell us all the time about how good we look together and how they wish they could find a relationship with someone like we have together. All in all, the story is coming to an end. A few weeks ago, we had a party at the house and we were all very intoxicated.. We always sleep in the same bed, it is very uncommon for us to sleep in different rooms these days but we have never done anything sexual or ever talked about it until that night. I opened my trap and told him that I loved him. This man, in turn, explained to me that he loved and cared for me more than anyone on this planet but he has had past friendships that turned into relationships and it was all ruined. He expressed to me that he doesn't want that to happen with us because he cares for me too much. I understood and the topic was completely dropped. I can't get him out of my head and there is no way to get him out of my life because he is too valuable. But, what I need to know is what am I suppose to do? I want to keep my distance from him as more than a friend but at the same time I don't want him to forget that I'll be waiting for him whenever he realizes that I'm the best thing for him..