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Best friend & Boyfriend

Published on August 13, 2012 by stephanie.jane94

I've been dating my current boyfriend for about 11 months now and about 5 months into our relationship, I decided to ask my boyfriend if he would consider having a foursome. Jumping at the Idea, he asked 2 of our other friends that night if they were up for it. They both agreed and we were waiting for the right time to start. I layed down the ground rules infront of the participants. The other male who was to join the foursome approached me and told me he wasnt very keen on the idea now that he had thought it through. After listening to his reason I felt he was right. I went to find my boyfriend to tell him and found him with the other female partipant, kissing. (Kissing was one of the ground rules that was a "no go" because of emotional issues)I asked to talk to him privately and had a bit of a go at him and told him the foursome was off. Later that night I walked into the room to find my boyfriend and the other female participant having sex. To this day my boyfriend says he never heard me say that the foursome was off and he thought that myself and the other male partipant were still going to have sex. He has appologised but I'm still very offended by what happnened that night and now its bothering me to much for my own liking. What do I do now?


Dump him, the most important part about having an open relationship is trust. He broke the rule, "no kissing" If this were to happen again I am sure he would ignore your next set of rules. There are many men in this world who would LOVE to be with a woman who was open about her sexuality as long as a few basic rules of decency were followed.

Dump him

In the future steer away from open-sex relationships. If you feel the need to lay down rules like "No kissing" for things that can't be done, you're not really keen on the whole sharing and swapping scenario.