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Is being taller then your man ok?

Published on March 19, 2010 by masteryoshi88

I am about six feet tall but my boyfriend is about two inch shorter then me. I hate kissing him standing up. He saying it does not bother him but is it ok for his manhood. Should ask him to wear lifts to help manhood or all this is in my head?


If he's OK with it, then you should be too. I'm 5'11 and have dated shorter guys than me; I think the height difference always bothered me more than it did them. No, I would not recommend you talking to him about lifts...but maybe you can talk him into taking up Disco so he can get a sweet pair of platform shoes. ;)

If he says he's okay with it, he's probably okay with it and you shouldn't worry about it. Why would you think it hurts his manhood? That's kind of an odd presumption since he hasn't given you any sign that there's truth to it. It sounds like you're the one who isn't okay with it. If something minor like 2 inches bothers you that much, you're being kind of shallow.

its totally fine(: i can soo relate too but if it doesnt bother him then it shouldnt bother you..unles there is something else bothering you besides that

it's fine. This is all in your head. And if he is okay with it, why would you insult hium by asking him to wear lifts?