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Being friends with an ex

Published on September 13, 2013 by elyoo_554

My ex-boyfriend of three years ended our relationship about 7 months ago because he wasn't a "commitment person" and wanted to be single again; however, he wanted to remain friends, which I agreed a few days later since that’s how we started in the first place for a year. Two months after the break up, I decided to text him to go out for lunch. Unfortunately, the lunch date as renewed friends was a complete disaster, on his part. He appeared to be semi drunk, drinking his fifth bottle of Corona and started to brag about his possible salary increase, his new found friends and ditching his loyal friends of over 10 years because they didn’t match with his new crew and planning to head to every bar in town to find a new piece of tail. The conversation got even more complicated when he started to reminisce about our relationship, the things he liked about me and the one and only flaw he could point out about me. The conversation took a turn for the worst when I told him that my mother was in the hospital and that I was stressed about everything that was going on. His answer to my dilemma was “you need to get laid”. I laughed it off as I don’t like conflict but I was upset about it inside. We haven’t talked or seen each other for 5 months now but I want to give this a second chance. I felt as though I might have ruined this opportunity because I started a friendship too soon but I was wondering if I should give this friendship a second chance and if so, how do I approach it the right way? He truly is my best friend and I don't want to completely end our friendship over one lunch date.