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To be or not to be... a cougar!

Published on April 9, 2009 by nycgoofygal

I'm single and around forty. While I'm attracted to men both younger and older, I find a lot of times when I'm out, it's the younger ones hitting on me. While I find them attractive and really want to sleep with them, I don't really want to only be their older woman or cougar fantasy. Do I indulge myself by indulging them or stick to the boring men my own age? They tend to be NO fun, and I want to have FUN.


Take it from an ex-cougar lover, go have some fun! Its great for both of you. I'm guessing that you're past the BS games and know how to tell a guy what you want, especially in bed. Just be sure to take it for what it is, fun, and that your young'un knows and understands this as well...unless you do find yourself wanting a little more. I dated quite a few older women right out of the gates after I lost my virginity in college. For me it was the allure of someone experienced, beautiful, intelligent, and non-judgemental. At least my cougars were that way. It was a wonderful time for me, and they are dalliances that i remember fondly. They also had a profound impact on shaping who I am today. To my knowledge, they feel the same way.

Forget the cougar label and concentrate on having fun with the older guys and younger guys. Fun cums in all ages. Just be careful having all that fun.