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Babby daddy is scarred or somthing

Published on September 8, 2012 by ajjohnson

The father of our baby is a 35 year old first time dad who is used to living the bacholer life. About 9 days ago i told him i need more time with him whe'd on average spend a day together. I told him that all i feel like is your baby mama and i don't know where i stand. later when he got back to me. I don't know im confused about everything right know. I need some time to process everything. I told him he sounds unsure and if he doesnt want to be with me i can deal with that. He says it's not that. He just doesnt want to make any dumb decisions. then we ended with him telling me not to be scarred it will all work out. What is going through his head


Only he can really know what's going through his head. You told him what you want-- more time together-- and you asked him to make a choice about whether or not he wants to be with you and now it's up to him to decide. In the meantime, you can be clear about what you need in terms of support from him regardless of what he decides.

Best Wishes, Susie and Otto

The time for decisions is past - he should have made those before he got you pregnant. Now that he has a child with you, he needs to be a regular and consistent part of his child's life for the child's sake and well-being. Ideally, that would be as your partner and husband - but he at least needs to be more than just an occasional presence.

By the way, bachelor life or not, he is financially responsible for helping with financial support for his child. If he's not doing that, get a lawyer and get the courts involved.