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are we just friends?

Published on December 11, 2012 by gia89

I have this guy friend that I have known for like 5 months. He is nice and treats me differently than other girls because when we are out with friends he always sits next to me or puts his arm around me and constantly chats me on facebook practically everyday. He prefers me to call him than text as well. Everytime a group of us goes out i invite him and he always comes and makes sure he isn't late. I feel though that he doesn't want to make a move. He always suggests things that we should do together like study or see a movie. But in the end it if the activity includes just the two of us, its like he gets scared or he ends up forgetting or it doesnt happen because of our schedules. We are both in medical school so it is hard to have free time. He always tells me he likes the way I dance and when I dance, we both dance together all night long. He has even carried to my apartment when I partied too hard. My friends say to take it slow but I hate waiting around for something if it is not going to happen at all. All my friends of course think that he likes me but they tell me not to read too much in to it. What should I do? Does he just want to be friends or could it progress?