My ex certainly was threatened by my independence. He slowly isolated me from family and friends. It's a power thing. My current boyfriend (eight years and counting) encourages me to do my thing with my friends and family, and he does his thing, too. Being together doesn't mean being attached at the hip; that's just a sign of a lack of trust.

eoshrov, It depends on the man and your definition of independence. There are certainly guys who feel threatened by an independent woman but other guys welcome this and like a woman who handles her business (and his) and needs little. Some independent womn believe that no one knows better than they do. This is hard for everyone - men, coworkers, other women. The answer is - it depends.

Some are threatened and some actively seek independence. if you are independent, find someone who likes your level of independent. Why even think about dumbing yourself down for the men who are not right for you?

Since this is a very general question, the answer would have to be quite general as well. It depends. Define "man", self-assured, confident, etc...this type of man wouldn't be as he wouldn't be threatened at all - other types of men, however, would be. Then also, define independent woman; speaks her mind, ability to make important decisions with imperfect information, ability to take care of herself - depends on the man. I personally see that as a huge plus (however, it will cause conflict at times- so be ready for that). However, some men feel emasculated by a independent woman, and they don't usually refer to the woman as independent either. So as you can see, it depends on both ends on how it the situation is viewed