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Any cautious steps on how to let your ex that you still have feelings for him....and how can you win him back??

Published on July 6, 2010 by tangerine

Lately, I have left a friendly brief message to my ex. He returned my call within the hour. He sounded happy and perky and i was extremely glad and happy to hear his voice, but I was a little nervous that I think I did not hear all what he said. And I kind of rush my exit becuz I wanted to propose a lunch, but got scared to hear a rejection I ended up not asking him. My feelings are still there for him, and if given a chance to re-start things again, I am willing to go for it. Any suggestions how can I re-connect with him and perhaps start a good friendship again.....I need a great strategy or the best approach. It's been a year 1/2 of not seeing & speaking to each other. Please help me.............thank you so much!!!!


I guess it depends on why you broke up and who broke it up. If you broke up because someone cheating, it is tricky to try again. If you broke up due to young age or distance, it would be easiler. Either way, think twice before you try again. Why did you broke up? what did you not like about him? what makes you think he has change? Why have you not try earlier and waited for 1/2 year to try now? are you going through a phrase yourself? Your ex does sound like he is happy to hear from you. If you are too nervous to have conversation via phone, text him and ask if he would like to meet for coffee. If yes, meet up and check him out first and see what he is doing now. Maybe you don't have the chemistry anymore. Maybe he is with someone else. Either way, you won't know until you try. Good luck