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any advise?

Published on July 16, 2013 by lostrightnow

I have a daughter,age 12, with my ex-husband. My common-law partner of 7 years sexually assaulted her. I have a son,age 6 with him. I had previously separated with him around 5 years ago due to his excessive drinking and internet gaming. We obviously got back together and he didn't quit drinking but did it much less and away from all of us. He's very anti-social. I am the only person he has ever opened up to. It's not that he didn't like kids but he didn't know how to act around them, He would shy away and stand in the corner. He came home after being arrested and said "I deserve to go to jail for what I have done". I was so in shock I didn't/couldn't believe him. He said "there is no excuse for what I have done" I felt almost every emotion possible but had to keep it together for my Son. I text many time within 2 weeks following. Many different things, I did tell him he needs help, I don't agree or condone what happened, I am so upset, disappointed, angry, but still do not have it in me to hurt or cause harm to him in any way. I just want to be there to help you. My son loves his daddy and loves the time they spend together. I got an order that gives the right to third party supervised visits. My ex-husband has cut out all contact with my daughter and stated she doesn't wish to see me because she believes that I knew this had happened? He will be pleading guilty. I don't know what will happen at this time? I don't know how/why but I continue loving him for who he is and not what he's done. I believe there is help out there f you truly want it. Not sure if or how much time he will spend in Jail or Prison but I understand, and have told him "the sentence handed down by the judge is the punishment for the choices you made. "

I feel like I might be the only woman in the world that can still love afterwards?