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Published on January 2, 2010 by andrea25

How can i get my ex back in this situation?

He first contact me and he wants to be in contact with me. After a while he called me and said some thing about that he is now grew up..... I gave him signs that i am still interested in him. But he has a girlfriend (for 2 years)...i dont want him while he is in a relationship,i told him that,but he said that his relationship with that girl is over. He sent me a mixed signals,he wants me but he is still in relationship. He now often welcomes me by my best friend, plans reasons to come to me, but nothing concrete and direct. Why he doesnt call me? How to behave? He is a little bit shy, but i think that he must approach me first?


You need to make sure he has broken up with his girlfriend before you do anything. Quite frankly, I wouldn't show him any attention until I knew he was single. I don't chase people and I hate seeing women who look desperate.