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anal sex purity . how to ?

Published on February 14, 2013 by candiceuk

Ive tried having anal sex two times already but somehow all the time while the process i keep thinking that shit is going to come out of my anus every time my boyfriend pulls his thing out . This thing really gets on my nerves and doesn't let me enjoy it . so , is there any way to make sure that my asshole is pure and is not gonna embarrass me in front of my bf . :/ please help


For peace of mind go the extra mile with cleanliness. Prior to anal sex, try using an enema or douche in your rectum to completely clean out any lingering fecal matter. Also, use plenty of lube for anal sex. Then you can enjoy anal sex with more confidence. Just keep in mind that the sensation you may have when your partner pulls out will feel similar to voiding, but as long as you have cleansed properly, it will not be facal matter, it will just your partner's clean penis coming out. My expertise is in improving love lives. For more information go to

Yes, an enema is a great way to feel clean and unconcerned. I would like to add that it is also a good health practice to occasionally have an enema. It isn't just something to do for constipation or for when preparing for anal sex. It's good for you, too! Visit me at for all kinds of ways to prepare for a healthy, conscious relationship.