There is a lot more to amazing anal sex for women than go slow and use lube. I remember the first time I did it over a decade ago, followed those oversimplified rules, and things weren't that great for my girlfriend at the time.

Your husband simply isn't aware of how your bum needs to have time to change shape for the best in anal sex. Why would he? It's not like they teach you how to have stellar anal sex in an MBA program or premed. The two of you also could learn more about what I consider the two modes of pleasure possibility for anal sex with women.

It is possible to have an orgasm from anal sex, but it is for most people an advanced form of sex that takes practice and good information to create. Understanding the nuances of anal sex is a must for this. Visit my website, and schedule a complimentary 30 min session.

Short answer with minimal fluff: He had to go pounding AT ALL. He needs to use his fingers, starting with just one, then adding them, to stretch things slowly. He has to be willing to stop and let you adjust if you have pain. After that, entry has to be very gradual. Doggy style and missionary will leave you feeling nothing but bruised. Once he is in, you laying on your tummy with him on top is best. Second best is sitting astride facing him (but only if he is small, could be too deep if he has more than 5 inches).