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Am I in the wrong??

Published on March 3, 2010 by t.cartwright_8630

this guy ive been hanging out with for a month+ is now very mad at me and i really dont understand why? Ive stayed the night over his house almost every night and this mornin i woke up and he asked me if id take him to the emergency room so he could get prescriptions for inhalers. I told him yeah but i wasnt guna set with him and that was because i had made plans with my brother to go shoppin and he knew a wk in advance when i was doin this and he got mad and said oh i see how it it now shopping is more important than i am. Hes never said i was his gf and that we were dating. hes always introduced me as his friend to other people but when were alone acts like were a couple.


I don't think you are in the wrong. It wasn't like he was hurt and in the emergency room for hours by himself, right? He just had to wait for the prescription. How long did that take? Was it something you could have waited for? Was he stranded at the hospital after you left? It actually sounds he's mad about something else and this is the outlet for his frustrations. Maybe he wants the relationship to be more serious than it is. Is this something that you want also? Do you really care about him? If so, just tell him that you really care about him and will be there for him when he really needs you but you didn't think this was an emergency and you had pre-existing plans with your brother. Regardless of if you were going shopping or doing something else, you had pre-existing plans. This wasn't really an emergency that you felt you needed to cancel your plans for. If he really wants to be bf/gf, and that's something you'd like too you should open the discussion with him.

You are not in the wrong. It's not like he was bleeding from a gun shot wound and you left him to go shopping. Even if you were dating, he was asking you for a favor when you already had plans. You were right not to drop everything to attend to his needs, that's called not being co-dependent.