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Am I wrong? What shall I do?

Published on May 6, 2010 by brnd-nu

My boyfriend and I are in a multi-level marketing business together whereas I personally sponsored him; we always would share and exchange our material together that we purchased, until now. Another cross-line member wanted some of the brochures that purchased but she had the money to purchase a T-shirt (the same cost of the brochures). So he gave her 15 of the brochures. My mother, who is also personally sponsored by me in this business, we all met for dinner one night and discuss strategies on how we were going to develop our plans. Well once the dinner meeting was over, my friend was putting his laptop back into the case and he pulled out one of the brochures that he had purchased and he told me that he had forgotten that they were inside of his computer case - this is also when he told me that he gave or


It looks like your question has been cut off at the end, but from what I'm gathering, the question is more about trust than anything.

Trust is a very difficult thing to repair once it has been broken. If you wish to continue this personal and business relationship, it is imperative that you ask for a 'heart to heart' and share your concerns.

Do not do it in an accusatory manner, but with an open and caring approach. It may very well be that he doesn't see a problem with his actions. Let him explain, and then share how it makes you feel, and why you are bothered. If the relationship is on good terms, he ought to be able to respond in a caring manner. If he does not, this is also an opportunity for you to reconsider your relationship, set your own boundaries and share what you will or will not accept.

Best of luck.