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Am I wrong to feel embarrassed to tell people that my fiance already has kids already?

Published on April 20, 2014 by dary

I am an asian girl and have a long distance relationship with a western man. I knew him online. I knew he is divorced and has two kids. But at that time I thought it is ok that he has kids as long as he is a good man then I can accept him. Then we met and I knew that I love him and he loves me. And now we got engaged. But I just feel I dont like it that he has kids and not happy with that. I havent told any of my friends that he has kids already because I feel embarrashed to tell people about his status. Everytime he is with his kids and not paying attention on me, I feel mad and got jealous. I dont understand why I can't good hearted and accept the truth about him and brave enough to tell people about this. So what am I supposed to do while i am in this situation and feeling this way?