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Am I wasiting my time

Published on September 5, 2010 by mialou

I've been with a boyfriend now for a year and a half. We've had our fair share of problems, me with health issues 2 major back operations and him with money debts. At first he was very loving and supportive but has become the complete opposite saying hurtful things, I see less of him now and whereas before he would say I was the love of his life etc etc now he doesn't seem so sure. He actually says I'm a pest. I previously asked him to move in to help him get out of debt...not that I'm in a good position as I haven't worked for nearly 3 years and live in Spain so have been living off my savings but thought it was helping him. He says he doesn't want to move in because I've done it so many times before with other guys, I'd moan if he didn't come back on time and has actually stated that he wont change the way he is. How much longer do I give it. I've stuck it so long because I love him and its company too as I am not able to get out very much. But sometimes I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall, and wasting my time