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Am I too indifferent?

Published on July 8, 2012 by strawberrypanda2

I've dated quite a few guys, but I've never really cared about any of them. Before long, I've always found something I didn't like about them and dropped them in a flip of a coin. I never really got emotionally invested and I'm more affectionate with friends than anyone I've ever dated. It just seems to distant. I've dated several types and they always say they love me or things like that, and I just couldn't care less. I've actually gotten annoyed at some of them. So I've always wondered if maybe I'm just too picky or something?


Too picky? is that possible when your choosing a partner? you trust this person with your inner most thoughts and desires you can never be too picky. you seem like a confident person you know what your worth why should you settle you deserve prince charming and you shouldnt stop until you find him one day a guy will reach out and make the effort you are looking for :) and you should always stay close to friends they help you through everything.

Right now America has an epidemic of successful confident young women and unsuccessful young men. (Find the excellent article "Sex is Cheap"on the Slate website.)

Settle or remain picky. You decide.