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Am I spending too much time with my boyfriend?

Published on May 4, 2010 by tmckamy

My boyfriend is away at college but comes back two days a week to work. So on those days I try to spend as much time with him as possible. One of my best friends complains that I spend too much time with him, that I'm all about him and that I've changed. But I'm only seeing him two days a week, its not like I'm seeing him everyday or that I'm ditching her to hangout with him. I think part of the problem is that she's not used to me being in a relationship. We always used to talk about her boys( I do say boys because she was never in a relationship but she would always have boy drama) and now that I'm the one with the boy, its different. She's one of my best friends but now I feel bad if I bring him up or ask for her advice. Is she right? Am I becoming too much about him?


No, she's wrong. You are not spending too much time with your boyfriend. Twice a wekk is perfect. Your friend is just jealous that she doesn't have any one. But you have your own life and have a boyfriend and she can't tell you to separate yourself from him because then that's not fair to your boyfriend. How about you just spend some extra special time with her when you two are together, but still be with your boyfriend, he means a lot to you and nothing should come in-between you two. She'll eventually find someone. So maybe in the time that she can't be with you, she can go out searching for a guy that is right for her and her going out on dates, she may be suprised with the results.