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Am I overreacting? Should I wait for him to call me or do I call him again (when)?

Published on March 11, 2013 by love to love

There is this guy that I've been seeing for about a month now, 27 years old, I'm 24. We talked pretty much all day Sunday and were supposed to have a FaceTime date but I guess he must have fallen asleep since I didn't get home until almost 1am. I didn't hear from him all day yesterday, I called him around 6pm but no answer and had texted him earlier in the day. His schedule is a little hectic which is understandable, but I still can't help but to be concerned I mean to not hear from him all day? I don't know. Do you guys think I should leave it alone today and maybe call him again tomorrow after work? Is this something to be concerned about or am I just overreacting? When we're together he's perfect, he never takes his phone out, I have his complete attention and I love it. I guess I'm just concerned because we haven't really discussed our status, but at the same time when we started seeing each other he said he was looking for a more serious relationship. I guess I have some insecurities about the fact that he might still be casually dating where I am actually already fully committed to just seeing him.


hey...I've had something like this happen to me and when it did I kept calling and that wasn't a good idea because I came off as desperate. so my advice to you is to wait a little, give him small space and call again the day after tomorrow...I really hope your relationship works out.

"Desparate and clingy" is NOT a desirable personality trait. You should have left him ONE message along the lines of, "Sorry I missed you - work ran long and I couldn't get even a quick break to call and warn you I'd be late. Give me a call when you get a chance." After that, you should have left him alone until he got back to you (even if that means waiting a few days). Men don't like to feel hen-pecked by the woman they've been married to for 20 years - they SURE don't want it from someone they've only been seeing for a month.