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Am I over thinking this? Or is this something that everyone else would be worried about too?

Published on January 7, 2013 by shuaigetrevor

Hey everyone!

I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year now, i met her on a social website we are both 18 and I have some worries. My girlfriend likes to go out and have fun, go clubbing, go to party's and what not and I really do get worried when she is out clubbing but not when she is at a party. She went to an all girls school so they are mostly girls at the party. Now she had said something to me awhile ago and I just brushed it off like I have been doing with everything else, but all of a sudden it has hit me pretty hard. One night she had come over for dinner and once we finished dinner we had gone into my bedroom. As I was sitting on the bed she had walked in with her head down and said " I've done something wrong" and I replied with what? ( getting all mad because I had no idea)She then said " I hooked up with another guy the other night when I went clubbing" I straight away got angry and kept saying " are you serious?" she sounded like she actually did it but then quickly said she was joking and jumped me, and told me she was sorry that she was only joking as she could see I was very angry. As I am, I let it go and just said " don't ever do that to me again it scared the crap out of me" Now, my girlfriend knows that I don't like it when she goes clubbing because I can never know what happens even though she goes with a group of girls which is safe you can never tell what is going to happy because you aren't there. I'm more scared about the people around her that are in the club than what she would do. But you can just never know what can happen. Am I over thinking this? or is this something that everyone else would be worried about to? It is really getting to me.. Thanks.