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am i in a relationship?

Published on January 31, 2013 by jadahiola

I know this question may sound very dumb or stupid, but i only had 1 boyfriend my entire life so i dont have much knowledge about relationships. I dont know if im in a serious relationship with this guy. I mean he's great, but he never officially asked me to be his girlfriend or if i want to be serious with him. all of a sudden, out of the blue, he called us "lovers"; he said that we must see eachother at least once a week, even if we are very busy; he talks about marriage and babies; he said "all of this" (he means my body) "is mine now". I feel very confused. Like i said, i know my question is really dumb, but are we an official couple now? And if so, shouldnt the guy AND the girl decide this together and not only one of them? Or is it possible to be in a relationship just like that without any confirmation? Thank you, and please dont call me dumb. I have very little experience with relationships.