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am i gay

Published on July 16, 2014 by fusnewman

i have watched gay porn which has lead to my trying it a few times. sometimes i think i am but i cant leave women behind . anytime i go out its all i look at and flirt with but when i get home i sometimes look at guys on the net


It sounds like your looking at guys and acting upon your sexual urges with men to satisfy your curiosity or to fulfill a sexual desire that's not getting met through other sexual encounters. Does this mean your gay? More than likely not, but probably more leaning towards the bisexual spectrum.

However, here's a couple of questions to get you thinking more deeply about your "Am I gay?" questions.

Do you feel more emotionally attached to men or women in general?

Can you envision living your life and having an intimate, emotional, ongoing relationship with a man?

Do you find yourself acting out more sexually with men or women?

How does having sex with a man make you feel? How does having sex with a woman make you feel?

What are your feelings and beliefs toward homosexuality?

Hope this helps!