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Am i a FWB or are we unspokenly dating?

Published on November 15, 2012 by unsure92

Ive been hanging out with this guy for bout 4 months. As far as i know were not dating, were friends with benefits but im not really sure about that anymore. In the beginning he said he wasnt looking for a relationship, and i said i wasnt into relationships, and both of us were fine with that. We hangout at least once a week cause were both so busy, he works and goes to school, and i work a lot. And i dont just go to his house once a week and "hangout" then leave, i end up staying the night everytime. We go see movies with each other, go out to dinner, go to the grocery store to buy food to make dinner, he invites me over to his friends parties,and invites me to come do things with him and his friends. Nothing really has been said bout whether were dating or just friends with benefits, i guess were just kinda going with the flow. My friends, my mom, and sister are convinced were dating, but like i said we just dont talk about it. So im starting to become confused as to what were doing anymore, and hes kind of a hard guy to read. My question is are we still just friends with benefits, or what? And what should i do?


Based on the simple fact that he hasn't brought it up, I would say you two are just friends with benefits. If you want more then I suggest you talk to him about it if not, then continue doing what you are doing.

well like i said hes a hard guy to read, i mean really were doing things that couples do. I dont know if he hasnt brought up the dating thing, cause ive said i dont do relationships, cause he doesnt want to rush into anything, or cause hes really just fine with the arrangement we have. And i dont know what i want anymore, my thing is usually to stay away from relationships so i can avoid unnecessary drama that usually comes with them. We talk everyday, and when we hang out we dont just stay at his house we go and do things with each other, i dont know like i said im confused.

Ask him. When I was single, I had guy friends that I would talk to everyday, go to the movies with, to the park with and, in everyone's eyes, we were dating. In our eyes, we were just friends. Of course, I wasn't having sex with any of them so that was probably a big reason there was no confusion, but if you are so confused, stop trying to "read" the guy and just ASK HIM.

It sounds like this guy really likes you. Ask yourself how much you like him. Just like it would suck for a guy to hang onto a girl purely for "benefits," don't string him along just for your benefit.

Dating can be good. It's called Casual Dating.

Good Luck