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am i falling for my best friend??

Published on June 28, 2009 by eadaniels

i love my best friend to death and recently i have feelings for him that i had never had before. even though he is in a complicated relationship, i cant seem to get rid of these feelings. i have never expressed my feelings to him and even though there was a point in the beginning of our friendship where we both had a thing for each other i cant seem to let him know. i can honestly say that im scared to lose him as a friend or to even jepordize his relationship....what do i do??


The best thing to to do is talk to him about it. If you are truly friends he will tell you what he wants to happen next. If it is not what you think, he will know how to be a good friend and let you know. Guys are easy to talk to about this.

First, respect the friendship that the two of you have. Next, respect the relationship that he's in. While it may seem complicated to you, don't complicate it further by expressing yourself as anything more than a friend. Hang in there. If his relationship is what you make it out to be, he'll need a friend. If it comes to that point, then see where it may lead.

sorry but i would wait this one out if i were u. he will come to the closest friend he has - which sounds like u - if things go south with the other girl! just be there for him as the great friend u have always been. that's ur time to tell him ur true feelings, well, i'd probably give a week or so but not too long - don't let him more on & u miss ur chance! if these feelings for u are real - u must share them with him - but it has to be at the right time in him life too, or u will have a chance of changing the friendship u both share now... don't want that now do ya!
just my humble opinion, take or leave... (had feeling for a close guy friend - never acted on them and now very glad i didn't, we are still great friends now. he was even my husbands best man in our wedding. shows u just never know how things will turn out in ur life...)