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Am I crazy?

Published on September 7, 2012 by lucille3289

So about 6 months ago my long term boyfriend and I broke up. A month or so later on a class trip to this camp he sent really confusing messages, that he wanted me but didn't want to be with me. Awkward. So things were uncomfortable, seeing him around and on campus. Summer went by and 5 months after we broke up I still missed him, a new guy that had been a friend and I started dating. No better way to stop hurting over him right? I really like this guy and he treats me better than the first, but the first acts like I don't exist but I've caught him looking at me. I hate he's the one I would go back to in a flash and it drives me crazy when he's with other girls or talking to them. All while I'm with David. I feel so selfish but it's how I feel. Any Advice?