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Am I being a fool

Published on April 18, 2009 by purebread

I have been dating a man for about 2 months and during a dance at a local club he says "I don't kiss and tell" He is a local plant manager and has to keep a low profile because it is a small town. He did say he has never dated a woman that works in his place of business. I do understand this but then he tells me he is helping his ex-wife through the deaths of her parents which were within 3 months of each other and that he is helping with the expenses that were involved and wanted me to know this and that he needs to be honest with me. He said "I'm having women problems right now and a little time will make him available to commit and when he does its 150%. Is this the sign of a person who is hiding his true feelings from me? He's been divorced for 9 years. Am I a fool? I asked him if he's planning on something more than just helping her out? He said no.


I would like for you to be more specific with "dating" - are you actually going out on dates (dinner, movies, etc)? I find it rather odd that a man who has been divorced for almost a decade would be helping his ex-wife out to the extent you describe. Seriously, after 9 years most divorced couples don't see or speak to one another...and the whole "don't kiss and tell" thing makes me think that you're a booty call.

I have to say, I marginally agree with brokenglass on this one. But as a caveat, it has only been two months. You can't expect him to give you his heart and soul right away.