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am a 30yr old widow with 2kids in love with a 33yr old it ok plse help.

Published on June 4, 2010 by preciouschulu

Hi, am precious 30yrs with two kids and am a widow.My husband died almost two yrs now.I met this gentleman last year and since then we've been good friends.He is single but has a child aged 2yrs. he proporsed to me and i accepted but the parents didnt like the i told him am not ready to enter into marriage without his parents's blessings but he still insist.I love him so much,he accepted ma kids as his and a also did but just that of his parents.Am ready for anything because i dont want to hurt his parents as well....coz i believe death just comes no one plans for it......or maybe they feel there son will be the next victim i dont know....plse help me. precious


I argue YOU to pray and forget about those negative things pondering your brain. Accept his proposal, but be very focus.