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Almost a year

Published on December 11, 2012 by r.g.e

It's been almost a year since my girlfriend and I started being a couple and we both kept quiet to our families about each other until we felt things were going good. She has already met my family, she hasn't even mentioned to her parents that she is dating someone. My question would be why? She tells me that she doen't feel like they are ready to meet me. How can she know how they feel if they don't even know I exist?


She was raised by these people - trust that she knows them beter than you do. For whatever reason, she doesn't think they would be pleased to find out she is dating you. Perhaps it's something identifiable (though regretable) like being of different race, religion, culture, or economic class. Or perhaps she knows them well enough to know that NO one will ever be good enough for their little girl.

I would say not to push her on being introduced to her parents. However, you are entitled to know WHY she thinks they will object to you. If she won't tell you, or she acts like SHE is the one who would be embarrassed to have people know she's dating you, dump her and be glad to have found this out before you wasted any more time on her.