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age difference of 25 years????

Published on January 3, 2012 by libra123

I am dating a man 25 years older than me and I have been seeing him for a little over two years. I recently decided to tell my parents about it and my dad is dealing with it but its my mom thats angry about it. I am 20 and he is 45 by the way. She thinks that this relationship is desitined to fail but I don't think it will. Yes there will be some sacrifices I will have to make but I am willing to make them. My mom is a WONDERFUL mother and I understand why she is upset but since all this came out its like this huge wall has been put up between us. I feel like now our relationship has changed but i dont want it to. But if i make my mom happy I will end up leaving the man i love and be broken hearted and hurt him but if i choose to stay with him like im planning, i end up hurting my mom. How did your parents react/ deal with your relationship? Does it get any better? There is a big age difference but id rather be with the love of my life for 40 or 50 years than just be with second best for longer. What should i do? I am SO confused!!!! :-(


Hi There,

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