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Published on July 8, 2010 by geeselouise

He was all about me for a couple of months...and totally locked up the brakes...said he wasn't into a relationship and was depressed not sure what he want's. Says i am perfect and has nothing to do with me or anything i did. He was the one pursuing me and filling my head full of sweet nothings even sent me a dozen roses!!?? I didn't take his call for a while...but he persisted. We were friends for a long time before this and i should be angry and hate him but i don't. So he continues to call me on a regular basis but does not attempt to see me at all anymore. The few times i have seen him he's always telling me how sexy i am and hugs on i am happier not seeing him. We talk to each other a couple times a week at least. Always about we both own our own businesses, pretty much just small talk. I started seeing someone else about a month ago. He is a wonderful man...I haven't told Mr. Confused and not sure if I need to...sometimes it seems like he thinks i am still waiting around for him. I like to think i am over it but reality is, I am not, in the back of my mind i cannot fathom all the things he said and did that he can just turn all that off and act like it never happend. My knight in shining armor rode off into the sunset! Without me! I am affraid to get to involved with mr. wonderful in case my knight comes back. Help!!! Should i telll mr. confused about mr. wonderful? I don't want to throw it in his face... or should i?


It sounds to me like either he's scared of commitment or he is seeing someone else on the side and isn't able to choose between the two of you. I had a guy play mind games with me for over two years. It tore me apart, but I realized in the long run, I was better off without him in my life. Focus on the new guy, not on this one. It is better to be with someone who tells you where you stand with him instead of being wishy-washy about his feelings.