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Advice on this guy .. It's complicated

Published on February 23, 2013 by love896

So I work with this guy , and I started to like him . I know him because he knows my dad, but this guy is only a couple years older then me and I just started workin with him at a ambulance place . Anyway he acts like he likes me , always stares , smiles , always acts like he cares about me and everything . So I go to add him on Facebook and he won't accept . So then I found out from this girl at work that he has a girlfriend . The funny thing is he never mentions her in front of me . & he always hides his phone when he's on it , I'm assuming because its a picture of him & her . & about the Facebook thing the reason I mention it is because every other guy from there I added and he's the only one who isn't accepting .im thinking he's hiding the fact of his girlfriend ? But anyway , when I mentioned guys talking to my friend who works there he got all weird and left the room . My friend thinks he likes me too . But I'm not sure . I really need help ,? Can anyone give me advice please ?