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60 days into a relationship

Published on July 7, 2013 by michael1964

I am 49 and have been dating a 47 year old woman. During the first month she was very flirtatious , sending many texts and calling frequently . I have felt that this has stopped and almost right after we had been dating for 30 days. We continue to have dates and have great conversation, however my gut tells me something is up. I tell her she looked nice in a text - no reply. We have not had sex - it was a mutual agreement to wait until after the 90 day discovery period. We both have kids. I was away on vacation with my kids for a week and she has had her kid for the last. 2 weeks while her ex is on vacation.

I just feel like the chatter between us has been greatly reduced. Is this a red flag?


I wouldn't worry just yet. You both have kids to juggle, and for all you know she might have had a heavy workload at her job. Just continue to reach out to her and reaffirm your interest in her. Try calling rather than texting, too. Texting can be ambiguous.