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3 months marriage, I want to get divorced

Published on July 6, 2013 by zimmer89

Ive married a man who is 20 while Im 23, we lived together before marriage we dated 3 years, we got married 3 months ago and I feel like Ive made the biggest mistake in my life, he seems to be so careless about me and so selfish, last night was my day off from work so I cooked for him ( a 3 hours meal ) and I put on make up and a dress to welcome him, he didndt even kiss me when he got home, he didnt even notice my dress, he said nothing about the food, today I worked and after work he asked me if I wanted to go eat out I got all excited to think he would actually do something nice for me, but it happened to be that his brothers and a friend of his were going to eat out of i guess he had no option but to take me, I waited 2 hours for him I was starving so I called him twice and he didnt answer so I just went ahead and ate left overs from the night before. when he got home he didnt kiss me or anything I said I had eaten I said you can go eat if you want to, and he sure did, he left with his friends and left me. I feel so depressed and lonely. am I being too dramatic or what? but I feel like he couldnt care any less for me :(


This sound like a time for a sit down talk. You need to communicate your needs to your partner, and make him understand what is lacking in the marriage. If all else fails, there is always marriage counseling. Sometimes it takes that step for a person to see what they are failing to bring to the table. The most important thing right now, before giving up, is to try to communicate with your partner.