Best Of The Web: LDRs & His Insecurities


long distance relationship
Plus single women blaming men and the bread-winning woman

And now it's March. Good gravy this calendar year is falling like underpants on a wedding night. Please enjoy the best the web has to offer in love and relationships:

College Candy has a reader who got a good, swift metaphorical punch in the face. What happens when a Long-Distance Relationship falls apart when it goes local. Which aphorism should we use for this? Um, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


And now something for the ladies: Glo has a slideshow dedicated to what his bathing suit says about him. I'm guessing a tankini says, "I'm comin' home, mama."

Not sure if you heard about this, but Café Mom has a little insight about the Northwestern University sex toy demonstration.

Can too strong a knowledge of sex toys lead to too many orgasms? "Poppycock," you say? Good Men Project has it on authority that fewer orgasms could lead to increased sexual satisfaction. Quantity don't mean quality.

Some dudes are super tense about pleasing their partner (with their penises), my friends Em & Lo ( have an angle on what men's biggest sexual insecurities are. Accidentally passing gas didn't make the cut, hmmm.

A bad sexual experience may be just one of many reasons to dismiss a guy. Simone Grant (she's a pal) has an essay about giving a guy a chance even if something would normally be a deal-breaker.

On the topic of deal-breakers, Brienne Walsh (writing for the Huffington Post) takes on the notion that a single woman has only herself to blame for her loneliness. I suppose guys are probably somehow completely to blame.

One thing that guys can't take all the heat for is the gal who wonders why guys won't talk to her in a bar and is always on her mobile phone. Bad Online Dates has their resident bartender take on why cellphone Cecilia is leaving the bar solo.

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