Is A Cluttered Closet Damaging Your Love Life?

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cluttered closet
YourTango Experts tell us how to make space for love, in our closets and our lives.

4. Why do you still own it? Most importantly, determine if you are holding on to something like, say, your ex's college hoodie, because of an emotional attachment. In that case, ditching the physical reminders is a good first step in breaking that attachment. When trying to attract and maintain love in your life, you must rid yourself of past relationships. (This goes for the friends with benefits and friends of friends with benefits, and Facebook friends of friends with benefits too!) You must literally rid your brain of all memories, photographs, and phone numbers of the ones who got away. 8 Reasons To Finally Let Go Of Your Ex

The casting away of the physical reminders of the past will lead to an emotional detox, and the benefits of getting rid of negativity will spill over into all areas of your life (So yeah, get rid of that two faced friend and dead-end job while you are at it!) Above all, remember, to move forward, you must stop looking behind!

Rachel Russo, Dating Coach

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