10 Easy Steps to Become Irresistibly Approachable to the Opposite Sex


10 Easy Steps to Become Irresistibly Approachable to the Opposite Sex

Obviously, catcalling "nice butt!" isn't going to help your case, but commenting on the book they're reading with a playful, "I can see you've got great taste...that's my favorite book" just might.

Everyone is nervous and a little unsure of themselves when they meet someone new. And when you're nervous, you're probably not going to come off as completely polished and pulled together as you'd like.


Guess what? This is a GOOD thing.

Believe it or not, one of the quickest ways to endear yourself to the opposite sex is by letting them catch a glimpse of your vulnerability or humanity. This lets them know that it's ok to let their guard down a little bit. Now I don't mean that you should burst into tears or wear your heart on your sleeve... I just mean that if you fumble your words a little or accidentally take a sip from their drink instead of yours, go ahead and have a laugh. They'll think it's totally cute, not clumsy.

Take a cue from one of the most endearing moments in awards ceremony history: Jennifer Garner (an actress who's known for her highly physical role in the now-defunct hit show 'Alias') walked up to the podium to present an Oscar, tripped on her gown, and fell on her face. She jumped up, brushed herself off, and without missing a beat said, "I do my own stunts." It was adorable and it got a huge laugh.

(If only I had thought of that line when I wiped out down a flight of stairs on my second date with my husband. OOOPS!)

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