10 Easy Steps to Become Irresistibly Approachable to the Opposite Sex


10 Easy Steps to Become Irresistibly Approachable to the Opposite Sex

If so, soften the muscles in your face and allow your mouth to curl up ever so slightly into an almost-smile. Widen your eyes just a bit so that you appear awake, interested in your surroundings, and excited about the world around you.

Now notice how people who pass you begin to take notice of you. It's subtle, but I guarantee that those who aren't completely lost in their own little worlds will acknowledge you in some way. Men might even smile back or say hello! (If this doesn't happen right away, don't be discouraged. Just practice this confident walk wherever you go from now on, and you will soon notice a difference.)


When you're excited about life, it shows... AND it rubs off on others. People gravitate toward happy people because they want the contentment that they have. So wipe that scowl off your face, curb the cynicism, and radiate the most positive energy you can muster. (If you're finding this difficult to do, start the day by making a gratitude list of 5 things you're thankful for - it can be your health, your charmingly crooked smile, or even your dog's unconditional love. This will definitely change your outlook.)

People are much more likely to approach someone who is smiling, laughing, and happily engaged with her surroundings (rather than the frowning, hunched over person muttering complaints under her breath... who'd want to spend time with HER?). Like the "Got Milk?" ad campaign, try being a walking billboard for "Got Joy?"

Did you know that only 7% of communication is verbal? That means 93% is nonverbal body language. In other words, your actions (very literally) speak louder than your words.

If someone spots you across the room but you have your arms folded across your chest, that sends the subconscious signal "Stay away. I'm closed off."
Conversely, if your posture is good and your shoulders are back, opening up your frame, it sends the message that your heart is open to possibilities (even if he's not consciously aware of it).

When you're engaged in conversation, leaning in toward the person you’re speaking with conveys interest (that's when being in a loud, crowded bar can work to your advantage! It gives you a legitimate reason to lean in and talk in one another's ear, which creates a connection).

If you're seated, pointing your legs toward the person you’re interested in also sends an unspoken message. Very literally, it is the act of aligning your body with his that signals, "we're in line with one another."

When someone wants to meet you, they'll usually look for any reason under the sun to strike up a conversation.

Any kind of prop - your dog, a t-shirt with a funny slogan on it, your tennis racket slung over your shoulder, a sweatshirt with your alma mater's logo, a funky piece of jewelry, a book with an intriguing title on the cover - these are all things that someone might feel compelled to make a comment on or approach you about.

Perfect example: My friend Amy has the most fabulous pants. She calls them her "chicken wire pants." She found them at a vintage store - they're bright orange and they have the pattern of - you guessed it - chicken wire stamped all over them.

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