6 Principles for a More Passionate Marriage


6 Principles for a More Passionate Marriage

Offer solutions to life’s problems rather than complain. Take action in life and marriage and you won’t have time to complain.

3. Live passionately. There’s countless ways to go about living passionately. Do the work you love. Give to a cause you care deeply about. Serve others. With so many ways to live with passion, there are still many of us who struggle to make it happen.


In order to discover your passion, grab a cup of coffee and a some paper. Spend a morning with these questions:

What excites me in life?
What stirs something deep in my soul?
What can I offer to others that no one else can?

Begin by writing down initial reactions in the form of lists, then work to narrow it down to the main ideas. There’s your passion. The next step is up to you. What keeps you from living from your passion?

4. Live simply. There are countless resources out there for this idea. The main idea is to live within your means, enjoy nature and people, and keep everything in life a simple as possible.

5. Have sex. While this may appear to be one of those no-brainer principles, you’d be surprised at the number of married couples that have trouble in this area. Now before you head off and have sex with someone other than your spouse, realize that research continues to say that the marital bed is still the hot bed of sex. However, every couple is not immune to difficulties in this area of the marriage.

Men and women are different when it comes to sex. I realize this is not groundbreaking news but it plays a major role. First, there are biological differences. Research shows that most men need about a second on average to be interested in and ready for sex. If you’re an older male, it may be 2 seconds. Women on the other hand, need about 20 minutes. When you add to this that research also shows the length of time sex actually lasts is 3 minutes, it’s no wonder there may be problems. 17 minutes after sex if over, the woman is ready.

Second, more than just an act, sex is a language. You communicate in many ways during sex. Likes, dislikes, love, passion, energy, fears, disappointments.

The best part, you can learn to be a better linguist (shameless plug: I’ve written many posts on this subject as well as other marriage topics at Simple Marriage. Now off to class you go!)

6. Live in community. Much like the first point, life is better when we live in community with others. Aligning yourself with others who have similar dreams and goals will produce a tremendous synergy. You can feed off each other. The same is true when it comes to couples. Seek out other couples with similar philosophies on life. Spend time with friends. Dream together. You will find that other people can be a great resource to challenge you to get more out of life.

We are relational beings. Things are better when shared with others.

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