Stop Crazy Insecure Jealousy Woes & Save Your Relationship


Stop Crazy Insecure Jealousy Woes & Save Your Relationship in 7 Easy Steps!

4. "Reality check" the situation. Ask yourself this question about each situation when you felt jealous. Was there any indication, any real proof for your jealousy? If you give yourself some time, you'll probably realize that your insecurities were based on past unresolved issues. Why should he have to pay for the mistakes of your past partners? Whenever you're feeling insecure, remind yourself that there's is nothing to worry about. Work on resolving past disappoints with a therapist or coach.

5. Keep a journal. Whenever you're feeling insecure about something, reach for your journal and write your feelings down. Free write for as long as you need to vent your frustrations. Chances are that you'll feel much better after free writing for a bit. Taking this extra step will save you from dramatic, jealous episodes and help you gain clear perspective at the same time.


6. Don't bring up your insecurities to your partner. There's nothing more unattractive than someone constantly questioning you're every move. Men see jealous women as complainers and naggers which definitely is not a turn on. Eventually, as a man hears a woman nagging more and more questioning all his whereabouts, the higher the chances that he will be out of the relationship faster than you can say, "Please, don't go." Instead of questioning or making accusations, simply tell him how you feel in sweet, thoughtful, moderation.

7. Pro-actively plan for how you want to respond the next time your insecure "hot buttons" are triggered. It makes it a lot easier to respond calmly when you have a plan. Be proactive about your future. You can get over the jealousy woes, be the person you want to be, and have long-lasting, loving relationships. You just need to "bite the bullet" and start getting "a hold of yourself." Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to saving your relationship from doomsday forever.

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