To Trim or Not to Trim?


To Trim or Not to Trim?

As I interviewed Josh, I asked him if he thought most of the men in the bar were “trimmers” like him?

He said, “NO, NOT ONE!”


I then noticed the average age of the group and that most of the men wore wedding bands. Josh finished his sentence with “I think men may think that when you are married ‘who cares,’ and it’s just not needed.”

As we left the bar, I asked the happily married local bartender if he trimmed or not? And with no qualms he said:

“YES! I use clippers and a razor, because even though I’m married you never know what will happen night-to-night.”

In the end I think there are lots of trimming variables here. I’m just glad I don’t worry about Toilet Paper Tinkle Berries.

Grooming tips welcome.

*"Toilet Paper Tinkle Berries" is the not-so-adorable name I made up to describe the tiny bits of toilet paper that roll into little white balls and attach themselves to hair - and that's why it's good to wax.

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