Boundaries, Self-Esteem, & Magic!


Boundaries, Self-Esteem, & Magic!

You do it anyway because you don’t want to upset him and/or you don’t feel like you have the right to say “no.”

As you can see, failing to set boundaries can be detrimental to your health and your self-esteem. Boundaries are important for developing and maintaining healthy relationships with ourselves and others because if we don’t set limits, we feel taken advantage of, angry, and resentful. Unfortunately for most of us, learning to set healthy boundaries is not a skill we can learn from formal education or even at work. Boundaries are life skills that are usually first learned at home from our role models.

If this concept of boundaries is new to you, don’t worry- there is hope. One of the first steps in improving self-esteem and making positive changes in your life is learning about your own limits. With a starting point, you can begin to transform your relationships into healthy and mutually satisfying connections with friends and family. Once you start setting boundaries, you may even feel an exhilaration come over you… as boundaries can work like magic to get you what you want.

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