Letting Go


Why is letting go so difficult for us? We want to let go but can find it frustrating that some part of us is still holding on to what ‘used to be’. Change can feel like we’re losing something because we are so comfortable and familiar with our current life, even if our present circumstances are not serving us well.

When transitioning into a new phase of life, there has to be an ending. For an ending to happen and a beginning to occur, we have to let go. It creates feelings of uncertainty and fear, and we find ourselves thinking “Am I making the right decision?”, “Will I be better off, or worse?”, or “Do I have the strength to do this?” These questions are a natural part of the process.

Every change involves a sense of letting go of something that is familiar. This can feel scary. If we want to learn, grow and develop, we have to accept discomfort once in awhile and be willing to let go of at least some aspects of what makes us feel secure and comfortable. If we do, a new future certainly awaits us, and it is probably better than we ever imagined.


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