Release the Kraken!


Release the Kraken!
You won't believe what really wakes up as a romance begins.

By the way, the initial feeling of being drugged by romance is real. A drug called oxytocin releases that causes bonding at birth, follows the height of sexual climax, and is now bathing your cerebral cortex,  accounting for that feeling like you are walking around on clouds, enjoying everything more,  and that your heart is bursting with love. But it's not just a drug, or a transient feeling-- it's the hope of head to toe healing and fulfillment the way nature rigged it to be. We can get there, but like a hero on a mythic journey, to get there we have to go through the valley of embracing and understanding our own wounds and those of our partner. And stretching into new behaviors and attitudes.  And with a little help you discover you can stretch into those new behaviors and attitudes. And it's worth the effort. It's not a cruel joke,  a Kraken, or anything scary,  for that matter. But it is a power to be reckoned with, one of the most important tipping-open points in a human life. Manage it well. 


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