Relationship Coach: The 10 Biggest Mistakes Men Make With You pretty much blew it with that one buddy.
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The 10 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

Men ultimately think they've got home handled and that they have it in control because hey, they're men. The consider themselves the head honchos, the big dogs in charge, and not to say the least, her one and only super hero. But sometimes men don't even measure up half way. Relationship coach Dave Elliott educated men on the 10 biggest mistakes they make, and how to overcome them in the future.

history of valentines day chocolate flowers gifts
The history of Valentine's Day, in a nutshell.
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Why Chocolate? And Other Valentine's Day Questions

Ever since we were in pre-kindergarten, Valentine's Day has been marked by cards, flowers, chocolate, and—depending on your luck—that One Special Person. But do you know why Valentine's Day is the way it is? Like 'em or loathe 'em, here we explain the holiday's most popular traditions.

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How To Surprise Your Spouse When You Share An Account

The person who's the hardest for me to surprise isn't our kids, it's the studly 34-year-old who shares my bedroom. It isn’t because he snoops, though. He’s pretty cooperative like that. We’re just such a team and make a habit of being so transparent with each other, that any deviation creates a disturbance in the force.

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Sometimes, nice wins over naughty.
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18 Things NOT To Buy Your Boyfriend For Christmas

Wow. I mean, wow. I'm not some kind of religious conservative nutjob, but last time I checked, Christmas was a peaceful holiday that's meant to be celebrated with your family. So when I saw this photo gallery of "18 WTF Christmas-Themed Sex Toys" on The Frisky, I rightly thought... WTF.

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How To Give A Gift That Shows Your Love

Gift giving: one of the most difficult parts of a relationship. How do you know what your sweetie will like? And even if you're pretty sure they'll like it, will the gift show your love, or just your ability to swipe a credit card? We asked our ProConnect experts how to give a gift that really shows your love.

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16 Valentine's Day Gifts For Guys

Valentine's Day always sticks us somewhere in gift-giving limbo: how can we celebrate the guys we love without getting too sappy about it? Well, for starters, try some of these gifts on for size (no matter the size of your budget). Whether he's an outdoorsman or a music, meat or travel lover, we have something for every type of guy.

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5 Valentine's Day Gifts We Actually Want

Valentine's Day. It's coming, and fast. Feeling nervous? We understand. After all, we've seen you—time and time again—attempt some grand, sweeping, romantic gesture, only to fall back on the same-old, same-old. And we want you to know: It isn't worth it. Because, when it comes to what we want, we're pretty easy. We swear. And flowers, chocolates and jewelry are nowhere on our wish lists (though there is that one necklace we spotted on Etsy...). What we really want?

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3 Viral Videos To Send Him For An Easy Laugh

The humor quotient of viral videos is an area where genders often disagree. Guadalajara Joe, for example. Men got a kick out of the Speedo-wearing songster. Ladies? Not so much. Cats, on the other hand, are a hit with both XXs and XYs. Case in point: Before holiday season passes, we pulled together three holiday-themed viral videos sure to please us and them. Watch and forward for an easy (and free, hallelujah) dose of holiday cheer.

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17 Holiday Gifts Women Really Want

We asked women from some of the web's top sites to share their holiday wish lists with us, in hopes of every lady getting a great gift this year. Who better to ask than women whose job it is to worm deep into the crannies of the female mind?

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Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

Let's admit that as much as we love our guys and say we'll value any gifts they get us, there's a little disappointment when the pretty package under the tree actually contains a scarf or gift card. Same goes for him, instead of a generic tie, lead buy example and buy a gift that actually suits him. We've done the dirty work for you: here are great finds for every type of guy, and for every budget.

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How To Give Him The Best Gift He'll Ever Receive

Men think women are hard to figure out, but the female set spends countless hours pondering, reading about, and brainstorming with girlfriends to answer the perpetual question: what do guys really want? YourTango went directly to the source: we polled real men on their favorite gifts of all time, and suggested affordable and luxury options based on their most-loved presents.

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How To Star In Your Own Romance Novel

Great gift alert: The personalized romance novel trend makes it easy for you and your partner to be the stars of a steamy plot. Romance lit that's just for you—literally. Here, we review three choose-your-own, personalized romance novel services.

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10 Worst Gifts From A Guy

You think you've gotten a bad gift? You'll think twice about exchanging your present—or your partner!—after seeing some of the awful gifts women have actually received from the men in their lives. We polled women in New York City's Union Square to see how clueless guys can really be; here are the ten worst.