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My boyfriend, AJ, in his Syracuse Straight Edge jacket.
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I Love My Non-Drinker Boyfriend ... & My White Wine

Oct. 17 is National Edge Day, an under-the-radar holiday founded by those who refer to themselves as "straight edge." In honor of this day—and because my boyfriend is straight edge, while I love myself a good bottle of wine (yes, bottle!)—I thought it was important to share just how easy it really is, as one who drinks, to date and fall in love with a non-drinker.

apple eating
Don't put down the apple quite yet, but sex is pretty healthy too.
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Forget Apples: Premarital Sex Keeps The Doctor Away

Rather than honestly talking to me about sex when I was younger, my mother just told me, "If you ever have sex before you're married, I'm going to send you to a convent." She would never tell me why, and always got mad when I asked her, "If premarital sex is so bad, why was I born five months after your wedding?" Whoops. Yeah, I was a brat.

Married? 4 Steps That Will Save Your Sex Life [EXPERT]
Ready to amp up your sex life since tying the knot?
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Married? 4 Steps That Will Save Your Sex Life

It is true that every couple's sex life goes through stages and that the "new couple sex" stage will end. Your sex life will change, mature, get better and have downtimes over the lifetime of your marriage. But it is also true that you can have a strong sexual, sensual and erotic relationship that is vital, exciting and fulfilling.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Premarital Counseling [EXPERT]
We live in a world where more than 40% of all marriages fail.
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Top 5 Reasons To Try Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling gets a bad rap. The popular belief that there is something wrong with your relationship if you need counseling just isn't true. Most premarital clients are very happy and not having doubts about their wedding. They simply seek skills to prepare for predictable challenges of marriage. Yes, marriage is challenging, but most of the challenges are easy to overcome.

Does Song of Solomon endorse birth control and premarital sex?
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Guess What? There's A Pro-Birth Control Passage In The Bible

In the middle of this heated debate over birth control and religion, it's easy to get the impression that Christians are anti-birth control, and so is God for that matter. Yet, as a mom, a person of faith, a married lady and a birth control lover, I don't see it as so simple.

The Bible
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Does The Bible Really Condone Homosexuality, Premarital Sex?

Jennifer Wright Knust, Baptist pastor and professor of Religion at Boston University, makes a number of shocking and unorthodox claims in her new book. She writes: “Looking to the Bible for straightforward answers about anything, including sex, can only be a disappointment. When read as a whole, the Bible provides neither clear nor consistent advice about sex . . . If one biblical writer condemns those who engage in sex before marriage, others present premarital sex as central to God’s plan. Just about every biblical commandment is broken, and not only by biblical villains . . . It is therefore a mistake to pretend that the Bible can define our ethics for us in any kind of straightforward way.” Ouch. As someone who strongly believes that the Bible is God’s word to his people, Knust’s assertions really stung.

Couple praying
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Should Couples Pray Together While Dating? One Author Says 'No'

To pray together, or not to pray together: that is the question. For married couples of faith, the decision is a bit more obvious. They have clever adages in support of the idea, such as “The couple that prays together stays together,” as well as a whole host of surveys, books, and websites singing the praises of how prayer can strengthen a relationship. It’s enough to even make an Atheist consider it. But what about couples who aren’t married, yet are in serious dating relationships? Should they pray with their significant others, or is couple’s prayer an intimate activity that is better suited for marriage?

woman with rosary
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Pop Culture Vs The Pulpit: How I Decided Premarital Sex Was Wrong

As a teenager, I had secretly assumed that many of these restrictions were out-dated and unnecessary, thus I decided to try and intellectually prove that premarital sex fit into that category. Over a period of months, whenever I had free time I would dive into the index of my Bible and search for all the verses that said anything at all about sex. I read over them carefully, searching for a loophole—some fact, some story, some statement that I could pluck up and use as my justification.

divorced virgin

How I Became A Divorced Virgin

How I became a divorced virgin: "I was twenty-nine, single again after a five-year marriage, and a virgin. When I met my now ex-husband Mike, I had just turned 21. We met at small Catholic liberal arts college, and even though I no longer believed in Jesus, the Saints, the Bible, God, really any of that. I was a virgin then, and I was a virgin when we divorced."

kissing woman neck
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The Meaning Of Sex

Anyone born in the last fifty years has been met with increasingly sexy advertising and entertainment. At the same time, premarital, extramarital and so-called "casual" sex are also on the rise. But, as recent film Zack & Miri Make A Porno questions, is sex ever just "f*cking" or does it always have meaning, despite what our sexually liberal culture might lead us to believe?

Mariah Carey Made Nick Cannon Wait
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Mariah Carey Made Nick Cannon Wait

According to the old gossip train, Mariah Carey made Nick Cannon wait until they were properly wed to have sexual relations. This tactic is best exemplified by "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" by the Georgia Satellites. Clearly, he was OK with it, otherwise he'd just have hit some other little jump off and not sweated it. Weird times with celebs.