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7 Predictions About Kate Middleton's Wedding Look

Like the rest of the fashion universe, I am dying to see Kate Middleton arrive at Westminster Abbey on Friday. The anticipation and speculation has been swirling since November: What will her gown look like? Who will design it? Will she sport a train? A veil? Lace sleeves? I'm beyond glad the wedding is this week, because I'm not sure I can wait much longer! No one knows for sure what Kate will wear. Her style choices have been kept under lock and key. But it's wedding week, so let's celebrate by furthering the speculation. I've compiled a few predictions for Kate's wedding-day look. In just a few days, we'll know if I'm spot-on or if I've totally missed the mark (finally!).

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Astrology Predicts Bad News For Will And Kate's Wedding Day

On Kate and Will's wedding day, there is a massive pattern lining up almost all the planets into disharmonious aspect, which could mean a married life filled with a lot of challenges and misunderstandings. They would have been better off waiting a month or two to wed under more harmonious skies. In fact, if Princess Diana were around today, she probably never would have allowed William to choose April 29th for his wedding day. Diana used astrologers, and any good astrologer would have told Waity Katey that it may have been a good idea to wait just a wee bit longer.