how to feel sexy again after having a baby
10 tips for new moms hoping to feel better about their post-baby existence.
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10 Ways To Bring Sexy Back After Having A Baby

When I got pregnant, I was bound and determined to look good after the baby was born. I admired those moms in my Facebook newsfeed whose hospital pictures showed them smiling with makeup on as they cuddled their newborn. In retrospect, this was a crazy notion because after giving birth I did NOT look good. Not at all...

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Kourtney Kardashian's Post-Baby Fitness Tip? Sex!

New mom Kourtney Kardashian says she's never been happier…or healthier. Now that son Mason has stopped nursing, she's been able to get her exercise routine back on track, and she says she feels amazing, especially when she's rocking a bikini! "I'm really excited to offer some advice, particularly to new mothers. I'm proof that even after having a baby, you can look better and sexier than ever!"