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The Links: Worst Divorces & Hiding Money

It's time for the links: this time around sticky divorces, what happens when a wife is hording cash, rules for hustling on Craigslist, dating a short woman, what he thinks during first time sex, Em & Lo's casual sex list, women can also be promiscuous, how to buy someone a drink, forgetting Valentine's Day by 14 weeks, great sex life church may need a new home, bad first kisses, getting out of a second date and what 500 pornos could teach you.

Susan Boyle
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Susan Boyle Offered Starring Role In Porn Flick

When Susan Boyle, the British overnight sensation, sang, "I Dreamed a Dream," the dream she had in mind was most likely not being paid to lose her virginity in a pornographic film. According to the Daily News, Los Angeles-based Kick Ass Films has offered the brilliant songstress $1 million to have sex for the first time on camera.

male sexuality fantasy

Male Sexuality Explained

Ever wondered why your husband likes triple-X websites? Or why your boyfriend is only half-joking when he suggests a threesome with your college girlfriend? Or why so many men have trouble feeling close to women? Dr. Michael Bader has your answers. The psychologist and psychoanalyst has been practicing his trade in San Francisco for 30 years and became interested in sexuality ten years ago. He recently published Male Sexuality: Why Women Don't Understand It—And Men Don't Either. YourTango spoke to Dr. Bader about fantasies, porn and why your man has trouble opening up.

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Conservatives Purchase More Porn Than Liberals

A recent study revealed that red states purchase more porn than blue states. While the differences weren't astronomical, Utah (home of Salt Lake City mormon settlement) enjoyed their staged O faces most with 5.47 adult content subscriptions per 1000 home broadband users. Red states like Montana and West Virginia also secured themselves a spot on the top ten as did true blue Hawaii and recently blue Florida. The ten lowest porn buying states were, not surprisingly, liberal. As Benjamin Edelman at Harvard Business School said, "Some of the people who are most outraged turn out to be consumers of the very things they claimed to be outraged by."

Do Conservatives Consume More Porn?

Do Conservatives Consume More Porn?

The media is wagging its collective tail over a study that says that Bible Belters subscribe to porn sites more than do folks in lib-uh-rul states. The trouble is ... that's not what the study really says.

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Could More Porn Actually Make Us Healthier?

Maybe the answer isn't getting rid of porn, but exposing ourselves to more of it. And not just porn, all things sexual. Time and again, I hear that being exposed to porn dulls people's connection to true sexuality, that it skews one's understanding of reality, that it turns honest men (and women for that matter) into creepy perverts. I don't buy it. Not after hanging out with and talking to porn vendors and stars and fans and production people. I think just the opposite happens.

sasha grey

When Did Porn Become Mainstream?

Somehow, some way, porn has made its way into the mainstream. Jenna Jameson is a household name. The appellation "porn" has been innocently added to other genres of media. Joe Francis thinks the government owes the industry a porn bailout. Steven Soderbergh is directing a porn star named Sasha Grey in a conventional film. What the Sam Hill is going on? Are Howard Stern, Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner laughing their smutty butts off somewhere?

realistic sex toy
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Perhaps The Most Realistic Sex Toy To Date

Those with a penis who made it to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo were in for a tight, lubed up treat. The Real Touch Interactive sex device. This new football-sized contraption works by strapping it on, plugging into your computer, and pressing "play" to the 30-minute porn that comes with the device. The action corresponds with motion cues sent over a U.S.B. from your computer. The Real Touch electronically simulates the mouth, vagina and anus of the porn star on your screen. Athough it isn't on the market yet, it's tentatively priced at $150, with one 30-minute video, some lube and free shipping.

sarah palin erotica
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Rachel Kramer Bussel on Sarah Palin Erotica

We've already established some people think Palin is hot. (Others are driven wild by her First Dude!) An enterprising Bussel, an erotica writer and former sex columnist for The Village Voice, started the web site, Sarah Palin Erotica, to quench that polar bear-sized thirst.