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The 13 Awkward Stages Of Making A Sex Video

Let's be frank; outside of porn stars in a carefully choreographed scene, most of us don't look so pretty in a sex tape (looking at you, Paris). Plus, it's awkward as hell. And here's the proof, broken down into 13 stages for your convenience.

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96% of women enjoy watching porn with their partners.
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It's Good For You: 7 Things You Never Knew About Women And Porn

What you probably need more of in your life, even if you don't realize it, is porn. Yes, porn. If you're not watching porn, then you're missing out. In fact, you're not just missing out, but you're in the minority (don't you want to be one of the gang?), because over half of women, 55 percent, watch porn at least once a month. It good for you! Really!

New author Asa Akira.
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Asa Akira Is Insatiable, And We Love Her For It

Most people know Japanese American beauty Asa Akira as a pornographic actress and director. But now, she's made the jump from sex actress to author. With the release of her first book, a memoir titled Insatiable: Porn—A Love Story, Akira has put her stamp on what is, for her, a new corner of the world.

Sex: Is Your Computer Wrecking Your Love Life?
Are you spending more time online than with your partner?
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Is Your Computer The Unwanted Third Wheel In Your Relationship?

Is the time you spend online having an effect on your face to face connections? What happens to relationships when one partner finds themselves flirting with Facebook friends while the other partner would prefer to spend time with them? Veronica Monet answers these questions and more, clarifying the difference between sexual shame and sex addiction.

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Miley Cyrus talks her (and her tongue's) taste in porn.
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Miley Cyrus Said What About Watching Too Much Porn?

Miley Cyrus hasn't had a boyfriend since her split from ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth in September. Why? Apparently, men are getting too many hard-ons from their hard drives for her liking. She vented to interviewer Ronan Farrow in W magazine, "Guys watch too much porn. Those girls don't exist.

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Find out which state takes the crown for porn-watching.
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It's Science: Americans Watched The Most Porn In 2013

Thanks to extensive research by Pornhub we now know that when it comes to how long porn is being watched in one sitting, the United States wins with flying colors. According to Pornhub's "2013 Porn In Review" the average amount of time that Americans spend enjoying online porn is 10 minutes, 39 seconds every time they log on to get an eye-full of sexin'. Not far behind the us are the UK, Germany and France, respectively.

Why Masturbation & Touch During Divorce & Separation is Important
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Why Masturbation & Touch During Divorce & Separation is Important

First of all, when has this ever been a bad idea? In all seriousness though, it doesn’t seem to matter what night of the week it is, but being newly alone after a separation or divorce is, well…lonely.  Being alone when you have been used to being with your ex or with your ex and the kids as a family is a huge adjustment. You are now alone and isolated probably more of the time than you would like to be.

parenting advice: your kid and porn
Installing parental controls is just not effective enough to shield your kids from porn.
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The Shocking Reality About Your Kid & Pornography

A new study claims that children as young as 6 years old are exposed to sexually explicit content online daily. So how does porn affect our kids now and how will it affect their expectations about relationships later in life? Our expert surveyed roughly 3,000 parents to answer your questions regarding teaching your kids about sex.

Should You Protect Your Child From Watching Internet Porn?
Exposure to porn during childhood can influence the way your kids think about sex later.
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Should You Protect Your Child From Watching Internet Porn?

One woman's story about her young sons' exposure to Internet porn shows the impact it can have on future views and sexual behaviors. An Australiastudy found that watching porn during childhood decreases sexual arousal in adulthood, requiring more intense erotic acts to stimulate orgasm. How should parents respond to porn availability in the Internet age?

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You owe it to your sex life to watch these!
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4 Reasons To Watch THIS Instead of Porn

We humans are voyeurs by nature, and research has even shown that unmarried couples who watch erotica together are more committed than those who don't. But, here's the thing, there's not a ton of female- and couple-friendly porn out there. Which is why we're voting for educational sex videos to be the go-to erotica for couples.

I Found Gay Porn On My Husband's Computer [VIDEO]
Is he gay?!

I Found Gay Porn On My Husband's Computer

In this instructional sex video, author, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Dr. Joe Kort explains what it means — and what it doesn't mean — when you learn that your husband has spent time searching the web for homosexually explicit content.